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광명동굴 미디어파사드 "빛의 페스티벌"

Chapter 1 - Life

A boy who discovered an ancient mysterious cave. Surprised by the boy's unexpected visit, firebirds (living things) fly, and small firebirds gather to become big firebirds.

Chapter 2 - Civilization

The big firebird flaps its wings and shakes its seeds. The embers breathe life into the dark city. The city shines with colorful lights and flowers of civilization.

Chapter 3 - Gwangmyeong

The universe and 12 constellations are made according to the goddess's gestures. Stars in the universe gather to form a galaxy and create another world. It is full of stars dancing in joy and joy. Joy and joy are growing and exploding with colorful flames, spreading strong vitality throughout the universe.

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