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광주 디자인비엔날레 개막 기념공연 '휴먼라이트'

2019 Wangju Design Bienale Media facade Jin Siyoung 始瑩 S Siyeon Jin

2019 Gwangju Design Biennale <Humanity>

2019.9.6 Opening Ceremony Media Facade Convergence and Mixed Art Performance

"Human Light & Right"

Artistic director, media artist Jin Siyoung

Choreographer Jo Gayoung

Composer Heo Donghyuk

Interactive Oh Seokbin

Filming by Lee Byung Soon

Cho Sung-mi/Kim Do-young, Dance Students at Gwangju High School

Professor Kang Nam-jin of the Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment, Baekje National University of Arts, 'Pose'

Media System Visual K

Lighting system luLight

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