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홍콩 타임즈 스퀘어 미디어월 전시 'Lunar Fantasy with Ancient Auspicious Animas'

Hong Kong Times Square, Hong Kong Times Square

“Lunar Fantasy with Ancient Auspicious Animals” Exhibition

Siyeon Jin Interactive Media Wall

The "Lunar Fantasy with Ancient Auspicious Animals" exhibition, organized by Hong Kong Times Square Limited and Ghana Art, will be held at Causeway Bay Times Square in Hong Kong from January 16 to February 24, 2019. Starting with Lee Hwan-kwon and Ji Yong-ho's two-man exhibition in 2010, Ghana Art and Hong Kong Times Square have planned exhibitions of several Korean artists, including Yoo Young-woon, MIOONN, Shin Chi-hyun, Kim Taek-ki, Park Sun-ki, Eddie Kang, and Cho Young-chul, for a long time. In this exhibition, media artists Kwon Ha-yoon and Jin Si-young will showcase a new media work that inserts the letters of Hong Kong's famous calligrapher Wah Gor into eight Chinese gods' motifs, including phoenix, Bihu, narrative, Hyeonmu, dragon, Baekho, giraffe and hatch.

Jin Si-young embodies a new water made of hundreds of lights through the movements of dancers wearing LED special costumes. The fan-shaped form, which represents the feather part of the phoenix and Bihu, was expressed by the movement of dancers rotating, and the geometric form corresponding to the shell of Hyeonmu was created by the movement of dancers beating drums. Through the light created by the movement of the human body, the artist tried to embody invisible energy, or auspicious energy. In addition, the auspicious energy of the gods was conveyed to the visitors through colorful light, and it contained the intention to deliver "Blessings."

In particular, the exhibition space will be filled with golden flowers by Dog & Pony Studio, an American design company. The exhibition space decorated with the theme of A Golden Year will provide visitors with a fantastic experience in space along with media work by Jin Si-young and Kwon Ha-yoon. The exhibition, which will be held at Times Square, a famous attraction with 150,000 visitors a day, is expected to attract more visitors to mark the Chinese Spring Festival. In addition, while interest in the Korean Wave is getting hotter, this exhibition will be a venue for different cultural exchanges.

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