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TBS 창사29주년 특집 "문화탱크 2019-꽃나잇"

"Culture Tank 2019," a special feature on the 29th anniversary of the foundation of tbs

🌸 Flower night

Date: Monday, June 3

Time: 6:30 p.m. (*Entrance closed at 6:20 p.m

Venue: Cultural Reserve Community Center (T6)

It's a performance that's open to all citizens.

6.3. See you at 6:30 PM on Monday at the Cultural Reserve!

🌸 Program Introduction

a fusion cultural performance featuring flowers

A multi-dimensional empathy talk concert, including opera, media art, photography, flower design, and flamenco dance, will be held at Tank 6 (T6).

Invitation to a Small Wedding - Florist Wang Kyung-hee's Flower Show _ The Most Special Moments of Life

Media Artist Jin Si-Yon's Media Facade _ Flowers, Blooming in Imagination

Flamenco dancer Lola Zhang's fantastic combination of dancing, singing and digital images

Photographer Kim Hong-hee's "How to Take Good Photographs" - Pumpkin Flowers Are Beautiful

Vocalist Shin Geum-ho's opera Carmen Gala Show - Flowers, Love Potion or Devil's Temptation?

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